she/her - 13 - filo - istp - cancer - multi - minor ofc

dni i don't like rude moots and weird moots homophobic, racist.

byf I'm a minor! my dms are open for moots only. don't priv qrt my tweets. I mainly tweet about bts. heavy rt! soft block to break the mutual.

yes i like chicken, spaghetti, fries, pizza, ice cream and chocolate, i also like listening to kpop musicno i don't like fish and vegetables (except potato) i also don't like racist, homophobic and rude moots.

side note i mostly rt things that is connected to my faves. sometimes i'm emo. i also randomly interact.

KPOP Bts Ive Momoland Enhypen Blackpink Lapillus Txt ( a bit hehe ) Kep1er Nmixx New jeans Iu Twice etc.
WESTERN i only like Taylor Swift
GAMES i play roblox and Minecraft